PIMpoint Summit 2017


inRiver PIMpoint Summit 2017
inRiver PIMpoint Summit 2017
inRiver PIMpoint Summit 2017
inRiver PIMpoint Summit 2017

PIMpoint Summit 2017 takes place on April 6-7, 2017 at ØKSNEHALLEN, the most amazing venue in Copenhagen. PIMpoint Summit 2017, focuses on enabling success in Micro-Moments. These extremely short windows of opportunity, where most consumers can be influenced – are the short time that you have their attention. They have become more important than ever, in terms of telling the most compelling product story.

inRiver also releases the next version of inRiver PIM marking an important technology shift and a major leap forward in strengthening PIM in all organizations and winning the battle for the consumer in the micro moment! The 2017 PIMpoint offers you to a two-day agenda, tailormade for any role connected to PIM, providing parallel tracks covering the strategic outlook, case references, new technology and partner news.

Over the years, PIMpoint has expanded immensely and this year’s event will be our largest ever. So, don’t miss this great opportunity to join the inRiver community by registering for a seat to get the latest in PIM.




Jackie Kothbauer works in the intersection between journalism, net culture and marketing. She is an economist specializing in marketing and mass media economy, society, science journalist and one of the pioneers among media people of our time. She co-founded Sweden's first web portal, ”Torget”, introduced e-commerce in the public sector and created one of the first blog portals, "Maria Nova”. After a few years as the Internet pioneer and venture capitalist Jackie Kothbauer could fulfill the childhood dream of becoming a writer. She has been a columnist several Newspapers and has written the books "You, LinkedIn and career", "Media Babe" and "Nätsmart", to name a few.

Johan Lindeberg


Whether Johan’s been working with J. Lindeberg or Justin Timberlake his conviction is that a strong Brand is built from the inside and out. His work has always built on passion and challenging the conventional. But most importantly it must to be engaging. With todays consumer awareness this is even more true. If you’re not engaging with your customers you’re destined to fall. Johan will give you lots of thoughts on what to do and not to do, hopefully inspiring you to walk your own path. His Keynote at PIMpoint will be very honest and straightforward. He’s going embark you on his professional journey which is extremely personal. Everything he’s done, every brand he’s built is a reflection of his persona at that time.

After bringing edge and commercial success to Diesel in the 90’s, Johan Lindeberg started his own fashion brand J.Lindeberg in 1996. A brand he left in 2007 to, among other things, start BLK DNM in New York. After 10 years apart, Johan Lindeberg is now back in Sweden at the company he started, lending his wisdom and creative talent to the fashion brand bearing his name. Expect to hear progressive and modern thoughts together with a fascinating life story.

Pixie Sartang


The list of potential interactions a brand can have with its audiences is almost infinite. In today’s  ever-changing digital landscape, brands often end up fragmented - with a multitude of messages, stories and experiences competing with each other. This often leaves brands without relevance, without empathy and without meaningful conversation. Fragmentation, combined with out-dated ways of working, is alienating audiences everywhere. And that's no surprise - real people want real brands.  My talk will dive into how brands can develop data driven storytelling platforms that will allow them to create consistent, meaningful experiences across all their touchpoints. We will look into shifting from demographic targeting towards a more relevant form of psychographic segmenting and work to understand how real people communicate. Because we all know that brands no longer hold the balance of power - audiences do. 

With an acrimonious attitude on stage, Pixie Sartang has emerged as an engaging and popular speaker in the Nordic region. Her practical approach ensures that the audience begins to think and there is always something interesting to take home. Super Content Marketing in the spring and SIME 2015, she was top-ranked among the visitors. Today she works as Co-Founder and Senior Strategist at the House of Harvey, but Before moving to Sweden, Pixie worked with digital strategies for several major companies in London.

Erik Bertman


Erik Bertman is COO at Microsoft in Sweden and is responsible for corporate marketing and product groups. Erik stepped into his role in 2015 after nearly 15 years abroad in China, Russia, South Africa and England. He was previously country manager for Nokia in Russia and China, and has worked for Ericsson.

Mobility has been the guiding principle in Erik's 19 years in the IT and telecom, and he is driven to work with innovation and digitalization of various industries. In recent years, Erik has led significant changes in activities with multicultural groups, worldwide.

Daniel Levine


The Future is Now: Trends transforming your business, and your life

In business, as in life, knowing what is now isn’t enough – you also need to know what will be, or you’re gone. Tomorrow’s world will look vastly different from today's, so strap on your jet-pack and get ready for an exhilarating "advance preview" of the most spectacular and useful tech-driven trends that are shaking up our world. In a rollicking presentation packed with fun examples and keen insights, you will get a "sneak peek" into the culture of tomorrow – and the changes that are revolutionizing the way we work, live and play right now. From business and technology, to transportation, communications and consumerism, glimpse the future of everything – and jump on the competition to benefit from these insights today. 

Daniel Levine is one of the world's best-known trends experts. Hailed as a "genius" by Elle magazine and "the ultimate guru of cool" by CNN, he is the author of over 20 best-selling books and a frequent guest on international television and radio. Daniel is the Executive Director of the Avant-Guide Institute, a New York-based trends consultancy, where he is the leader of a huge international team of trend-spotters who track the latest ideas and experiences from around the globe. Daniel works with businesses and brands around the world to help them be more relevant, innovative and profitable.


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